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Blue Prism integrates Thoughtonomy, launches trio of RPA-as-a-service offerings

The AI and ML deployments are well underway, but for CXOs the biggest issue will be managing these initiatives, and figuring out where the data science team fits in and what algorithms to buy versus build.

Blue Prism is rolling out its digital workforce and robotic process automation tools via software-as-a-service based on the intellectual property acquired in the Thoughtonomy purchase.

Last year, Blue Prism acquired Thoughtonomy in a bid to offer RPA as a service. With the integration now complete, Blue Prism is pushing its applications as cloud services. Thoughtonomy is now branded Blue Prism Cloud.

In a recent interview, Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate said the company typically delivered its RPA deployments in data centers, but will move to cloud over time. “Ultimately, the customer can choose what platform they want. Thoughtonomy enables the customer to deploy a digital workforce on the SaaS model,” said Bathgate.

Terry Walby, CEO of Thoughtonomy, added that the company  “listened carefully to customers and invested in creating a suite of AI capabilities that could help them overcome the challenges of scaling their automation strategy.”

With Blue Prism Cloud, the company can better connect to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google. Chinese clouds such as Alibaba will also get involved at some point, said Bathgate.

Blue Prism’s SaaS offering are part of the company’s connected RPA strategy to build a complete portfolio and an ecosystem via its Digital Exchange with partners.

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As for the SaaS offerings, Blue Prism launched the following:

  • Blue Prism Cloud Hub, which is a digital workforce management tool that enables an interface to manage the automation lifecycle. Blue Prism Cloud Hub also has Wireframer, a process automation tool that builds out process structure and controls.
  • Blue Prism Cloud Interact, a web interface for collaboration between digital worker and human collaboration. The interface is available via browser to handle use cases for automating front and back office processes. Cloud Interact is designed to for processes that address processes that include manual overrides and human intervention.
  • Blue Prism interaction with Diceus
  • Blue Prism Cloud IADA, an artificial intelligence digital workforce supervisor that aims to orchestrate activities, tasks and service levels.